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PicoWeb™ at CEDIA EXPO '99

tx15.gif (27572 bytes)September 21, 1999 -- Lightner Engineering is pleased to announce that Residential Control Systems Inc. (RCS) will be showing it's PicoWeb-powered TR15 thermostat at CEDIA EXPO '99 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, September 22-26, 1999.  CEDIA EXPO '99 is the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Associations' annual trade exhibition and educational conference. CEDIA EXPO is the only show created to meet the specialized needs of the residential custom electronics industry. CEDIA EXPO '99 attendance is expected to be over 10,000.

RCS will be showing a Web-enabled prototype version of it's TR15 thermostat.  This unit is controllable via a standard Web browser using a PicoWeb™ server printed circuit board from Lightner Engineering.  RCS's product was successfully interfaced to a PicoWeb server with less than one person-day of engineering effort using the TR15's RS-232 port and the PicoWeb development environment.  This rapid prototyping engineering effort involved about 200 lines of application-specific source code (written entirely in PicoWeb p-code) and about 40 lines of HTML.

The RCS TR15 connects to and controls industry-standard HVAC mechanical systems via standard thermostat connections. The TR15 consists of two components, the TS15 Wall Display Unit and the TR15 HVAC Controller Unit. Normal local control of the HVAC system is provided by the TS15 Wall Display Unit with its typical thermostat like user interface. The TR15 HVAC Controller Unit provides all HVAC mechanical systems outputs as well as the RS-232, RS-485, and using the PicoWeb, Ethernet remote systems interfaces. The TS15 Wall Display Unit and TR15 HVAC Controller Unit connect via a 4 wire RCSLink (2 power, 2 data).

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