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PicoWeb™ Puts Panametrics Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge on WWW

Panametrics 26DL Plus Thickness GaugeSeptember 22, 1999 -- Lightner Engineering is pleased to announce that it has Web-enabled another instrument using it's PicoWeb™ server.  Automated Inspection Systems (AIS) needed a remote measuring capability for taking periodic material thickness readings using a Panametrics Inc. hand-held, ultrasonic non-destructive test (NDT) instrument, the Panametrics 26DL Plus Thickness Gauge.  The 26DL Plus has an RS-232 serial port which allows limited remote control and data logging from the instrument.  Lightner Engineering as able to quickly provide a basic Web page which could be used to take thickness readings from the instrument using about 50 lines of application-specific PicoWeb p-code and about 20 lines of HTML code.  Another 20 lines of p-code, and a CGI-BIN Perl script running on a "Internet gateway" PC, gave Automated Inspection System's customer full remote control and monitoring of the Panametrics NDT instrument, including remote display of ultrasonic transducer waveform data for quality control purposes, from any computer in the world with a Web browser and Internet access.

Sample Web Page

This rapid-prototyping PicoWeb engineering effort has proved once again the utility and power of the PicoWeb development system when it comes time to Web-enable an existing test instrument.  The PicoWeb server's low-cost and small-size may make it the ideal engineering solution to quickly connect your product to the 'Net.

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