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PicoWeb PCB  PicoWeb Enclosure
PicoWeb Server PCB and Enclosure.

The PicoWeb ServerTM allows World Wide Web access to digital I/O and serial I/O signals without the need for assistance from external PCs or Unix computers. It is a stand-alone device with a real-time networking kernel, TCP/IP stack, and an HTTP Web server. Once plugged into a network with Internet access, using it's twisted pair Ethernet connector (i.e., 10baseT RJ-45 plug), the PicoWeb can be accessed via a standard Web browser from anywhere in the world. User designed web pages can be implemented to process "CGI like" commands to access and control external I/O devices. Web pages (i.e., HTML, text, images, etc.) can be retrieved in the normal manner from the PicoWeb's on-board flash memory.

The PicoWeb Server uses Atmel's AT90S8515 microcontroller, which offers an 8 MIPS low power RISC processor, 8 Kbytes of flash program memory, 512 bytes of EEPROM, 512 bytes of RAM, 32 I/O lines, and a built-in UART. The PicoWeb development board also includes a 32K-byte serial EEPROM chip, useful for holding Web pages and images.  A Realtek RTL8019AS a single chip NE2000-compatible Ethernet controller chip provides the 10baseT network interface.

The PicoWeb Server Demo board's DB-25 connector has 16 free digital I/O lines, an RS-232 serial port, and an in-circuit programming port for the Atmel microcontroller. An on-board regulator accepts unregulated AC or DC power in the range of 6 to 30 volts. Typical current consumption is under 30 mA from the +5 volt DC supply.  Please consult our PicoWeb™ Frequently Asked Questions if you want more information.

Key Benefits

Small size - The PicoWeb Server may be the world's smallest, fully-functional, Ethernet-based Web server
Low cost - Embedded Web-based products utilizing the PicoWeb networking technology can meet heretofore impossibly low cost targets
Low Power -  The PicoWeb Server may be the world's lowest-power, fully-functional, Ethernet-based Web server


Description SKU #


PicoWeb Full Development Kit (server, prog. cable, dev. kit) PW1-DEV $149.00
PicoWeb Server (assembled & tested w/ case & 110V power supply) PW1-SVR $99.00
Bare PicoWeb Server (assembled & tested, case, no power supply) PW1-SVX $85.00
PicoWeb PCB (assembled & tested, no enclosure, no power supply) PW1-ASM $79.00
PicoWeb Bare PCB (no components) PW1-PCB $19.00
PicoWeb Firmware Commercial Right-to-Use License (single unit) PW1-LIC $9.00
PicoWeb Firmware Non-Profit Right-to-Use License (single unit) PW1-NCL


PicoWeb Case (plastic enclosure) PW1-ENC $6.00
PicoWeb Power Supply (wall transformer) PW1-PS $14.00
PicoWeb Programming Cable (PC parallel/serial ports) PW1-PC $29.00
PicoWeb Firmware Development Kit (Windows 95/98) PW1-FDK


Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Prices are in U.S. dollars.

A PicoWeb Firmware Commercial Right-to-Use License is included with each PicoWeb unit purchased.
Prices shown are for single units; contact Lightner Engineering for quantity pricing information.
Sales may be subject to 7.75% California/local government sales tax.

Ordering Information

credit_MC_visa.gif (2104 bytes)We accept pre-paid orders via mail or FAX.  Please fill out our order form and mail with check or money order to the address indicated.  Credit card orders may be made via FAX.  We do not accept orders over the telephone.  Sorry, we cannot accept C.O.D. orders.  Allow about one week for normal delivery.  Consult our ordering information page for details.


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