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PicoWeb™ Server Products:

PicoWeb™ PCB Schematic (rev 5.1) (PDF format, 44 Kbytes)updated.gif (168 bytes)11/10/00
PicoWeb™ Programming Cable Schematic (PDF format, 13 Kbytes)
New 2.xx GNU-based PicoWeb Development System:
How to Build a PicoWeb Project (PDF format)smallnew.gif (926 bytes)7/7/00
PicoWeb Pcode Description (PDF format)smallnew.gif (926 bytes)7/7/00
Converting PicoWeb Projects to New Development System (PDF format)smallnew.gif (926 bytes)7/7/00
Older 1.xx PicoWeb Development System:
How to Build a PicoWeb Project (PDF format)
PicoWeb Pcode Description (PDF format)
Atmel Microcontroller:
Atmel 90S8515 Datasheet (112 pages, PDF format)
Atmel 90S8515 Errata (rev. B, April 2000, 3 pages, PDF format)
Atmel 90S8515 Instruction Set (110 pages, PDF format)
A directory with v2.xx  sample PicoWeb projectssmallnew.gif (926 bytes)7/7/00
A directory with (old) v1.xx  sample PicoWeb projectsupdated.gif (168 bytes)5/3/00
PicoWeb™ Parallel Port Programming Tool (PPPT) (ZIP archive)
Atmel 8-Bit RISC Application Notes (at Atmel Web site)
PicoWeb Embedded Internet Workshop 1999 presentation (HTML slide show and PowerPoint presentation)
PicoWeb technical support page and customer support archive (software/firmware updates for PicoWeb customers)

Freeware "Breadboard" PicoWeb Server:

Circuit Cellar Online "A $25 Web Server" Article
HTML version at ChipCenter
Adobe Acrobat version (PDF format) at ChipCenter (local copy)
Article Errata (text file)updated.gif (168 bytes)11/30/99
"Breadboard" Schematics:
PicoWeb™ "Breadboard" Serial Cable Schematic (PDF format, 8 Kbytes)
PicoWeb™ "Breadboard" Schematic (PDF format, 18 Kbytes)updated.gif (168 bytes)3/2/00
"Breadboard" firmware and development environment (see README.txt):
Original Circuit Cellar Release v1.0 (ZIP archive)updated.gif (168 bytes)7/1/99
Update v1.3 (old pcode/project format) (ZIP archive)updated.gif (168 bytes)9/29/99
Release v1.37 (new pcode/project format) (ZIP archive)
Release v1.38 (more sources/faster network downloads) (ZIP archive)updated.gif (168 bytes)3/2/00
Release v2.08 (GNU-based development environment) (ZIP archive)smallnew.gif (926 bytes)10/8/00
(Note: This is the first GNU-based version known to work correctly with the PicoWeb "breadboard".  The older v2.07 release did not retrieve Web pages due to a firmware bug related to running NE2000 ISA-bus cards in 16-bit mode. Note that the v2.08 version may have a problem with the LED when using certain sample projects, such as the WebLED project.  This is because the "production version" of the PicoWeb drives the user-controlled LED with I/O pin PD4 while the original "breadboard version" of the PicoWeb uses pin PD2.)


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