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Lightner Engineering is a full-service engineering design services company.  Our expertise covers a broad range of design disciplines, as summarized below:

Low-cost Web/Internet-enabled devices
Analog and digital systems design
Real-time embedded systems design
PCI, ISA, PCMCIA, PCCard, I2C, and VME bus-based design
Data acquisition systems
Digital signal processing
Control systems
FPGA-based designs
ASIC and custom and semi-custom integrated circuit design
Languages: C/C++, assembly, Perl, Visual Basic, FORTRAN, Pascal, Verilog, TCL, HTML, CGI and many others.
O.S. Environments: Windows NT, 98, 95, 3.1; MS-DOS; SunOS; Solaris; Unix; Linux, VAX and many others
Device Drivers: Windows NT, 98, 95, 3.1; SunOS; Solaris; Unix; Linux, VAX and many others
Embedded processors: 80x86, PICs, 68xxx, Atmel, Z80 and many others

Please take a moment to read our greeting from the president of Lightner Engineering.


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